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I Wish 13,99 EUR
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I Wish

An exclusive collection of tok tok tok’s favourite love songs

tok tok tok has put together a unique selection of its all-time favourite love songs, in a one-time collection entitled ‘i wish’.

‘i wish’ offers a fascinating insight into tok tok tok’s musical roots, documenting the band’s early era, in which vocalist Tokunbo Akinro and saxophonist Morten Klein immersed themselves in classic jazz, rock and pop, from sources as diverse as Lennon/McCartney to AC/DC. This study in musical interpretation helped create the unique tok tok tok sound. ‘i wish’ brings together timeless hits from tok tok tok’s first two CDs, ’50 ways to leave your lover’ (1999) and ‘love again’ (2000). ‘i wish’, released by BHM, also contains a booklet of previously unreleased photos and mementoes.

Founded in 1998, tok tok tok started life as a jazz standards trio, but later grew to an original compositions quartet of international standing. With their last two albums ‘it took so long’ (2003) and ‘about’ (2005) tok tok tok show-cases its own unique acoustic soul song-writing style. Although frequently referenced alongside Norah Jones and Joss Stone, tok tok tok has cultivated its own down-to-earth distinctiveness and musicality, and is carving its own distinctive niche. This year, tok tok tok was awarded the prestigious ‘Grand Prix for Composition and Vocals’ by the French copyright association SACEM, for their latest album ‘about’, a CD which has now become a permanent fixture within the German Jazz Top Ten Charts.

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