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from soul to soul

For their last two albums „it took so long“ of 2003 and „about“ of 2005 the acoustic soul group tok tok tok won the German Jazz Award. For „about“ it hailed international appraisal and awards such as the prestigious Grand Prix 2005 awarded by the French copyright association SACEM.
After the additional success of their very-best-of-sampler „i wish“, which contains the absolute pearls amoung the cover versions of tok tok tok’s early years the idea for „from soul to soul“ was born.

Being tok tok tok’s 7th studio album „from soul to soul“ features quite a few novelties: Every song is dedicated to one of Tokunbo Akinro’s and Morten Klein’s mutual role models/idols in soul music. Thus the record expresses theri gratitude and bows to to the giants of soul such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire, Erykah Badu, Isaac Hayes or James Brown etc., whom Tokunbo und Morten see as parts their musical roots.

“from soul to soul“ is the dedication to all the Godfathers and Godmothers of soul that we’ve been awaiting for so long. Hit it !