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Bossanomia 13,99 EUR
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"Bossanomia" is different, more liberated, and even more poised than it's predecessor - in allusion to the band self-invented album titel it's really a science for itself, like the art to make the most complex guitar and bass lines with their dodgy rhythms seem playfully, as if they were arranged by a magic hand. There are several moments of captivating beauty on the new album. "No wallpaper escaldante" for example is a gently worn Fado, around which the guitar weaves it's lines like pirouettes. "Red-hot carpet" on the other hand, tells the story of a woman who returns to her home village after a long absence in order to settle an old score. Full of courage and risk. Liza sings this so delicately and finely accentuated that one can feel a grace that would be heavily appreciated by any Fadista. Like a mini-drama, this folk-sounding ballad unfolds in three-quarter time. For this, the glorious bowed double bass Alexander Sunday. No less miraculous is the "Poema para outra mulher, that tells the story of a girl who marries man of her former dreams. Sparkling guitar riffs are accompanied here by the soulful sound of Tim Raschkes trombone, which is only surpassed by the melancholy of the fragile-fated "Vela no vento".

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