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Imagine that: a father, himself a professional musician, wants to encourage his 14-year-old son to make music and gives him a guitar. The teenager begins to discover the instrument and has fun doing it. He takes lessons. A year later, he got so good that his father took him into his band as rhythm guitarist. Another year passed and the sons guitar-style has developed so immensely that he became lead guitarist of the band and later on formed his own trio. Many concerts followed that year and the young musician was rewarded with the Hans Koller prize as "Newcomer of the Year", the most important music award in the country.

We are talking about 17 year old Viennese Diknu Schneeberger, who wanted to become a tiler. Diknu is an absolutely exceptional talent and a rising star in world of guitarists. The youthful musician unites his virtuosity and rhythmic precision in his Gypsy jazz with a very special feeling for melody and sound. His trio plays rapid Gypsy Swing, lovingly arranged standards, interesting originals, Django Reinhard's most beautiful compositions, but also those of his descendants - Stochelo Rosenberg, Bireli Lagrene, or Romane that have enriched the Gypsy jazz with modern elements. The enormous potential that lies in the young Sinti remain unnoticed for long. In addition to the Hans Koller Prize his first CD "Rubina" was suggested for the award of the German Record Critics Association.
This Record has become a very wholesome release, inspired by all of Diknus rolemodels. On "Rubina" Diknu shows his amazing musical talent and virtuosity, despite of being a normal austrian teenager with many desires and dreams.Diknu currently studying jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Vienna. He is doing well and is still performing with his father's band, with Martin Spitzer as a duo and with his own trio.

Latley Diknu has been invited to the stage of the Leverkusener Jazzfestival, to play alongside Marcus Miller, Nigel Kennedy, Roy Hargrove and the Grammy-winning WDR Big Band.

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